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Sponsor of this Startup, Small & Medium Business Revolution

myofficehub is my one stop office in the cloud, anywhere.
myofficehub is a revolutionary, brandable, customisable, permission based secure cloud platform of simple integrated business apps to run your entire office in the cloud.
It enables leaders to ensure their staff and other users only operate according to their instructions. It saves time, stress, setup costs and up to 30% in overheads, with quick setup and adaption.
Just some of our Benefits...
  • Saves you more money than you thought possible – up to 30% of overheads

  • 58 Free apps & growing

  • Regular free updates

  • Free Trial… so why wait?

  • Pricing is so… cheap

  • Total Control over your entire business, using ONE Dashboard!

  • Consistency

  • Change is quicker & easier to accomplish

more Benefits
                        Simple Software…"
"That Does…..
                       GREAT Things"
"Developing software & providing services to 1,000+ companies since the ’90’s"
"myofficehub Hub transitioned our entire office into the cloud so we are truly paperless and integrated."
"myofficehub’s Purchase Order System reduced our purchase costs by 20% by removing over ordering and excessive administration."
"myofficehub's PACT Contract system maintains our business rules, is easy for someone new and all our contracts are at the touch of a button."
"It's simple software whose integration makes it > 0 (greater than xero)"
“The Original  Office in the Cloud...since 2010”
“Thank you so much for this! It was extremely helpful for our teachers”
“It's Business as usual...but with No more Rent or Bond to pay"
“The performance of the myofficehub Purchase Order System is complete, great flow and fully operational, with no down time“

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