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Welcome! This is your first step to be an early stage investor in our revolutionary cloud based Hub.

“in the Cloud” can now be “My Investment in the Cloud”.

We are innovative with many original Apps that our community, benefit from. We have lots on the drawing board… soon to be released. Our focus is Worldwide, but we act locally. We are inclusive and will appreciate your financial involvement. We are only successful because of the input from all the members of our community. So please hop on board and join our band of brothers and sisters.

It’s an exciting time for us. Showing the World what we can do. We have many good things to say and do.

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is a never ceasing pursuit for business simplification to improve staff engagement and efficiency, helping leaders and their businesses reduce costs and achieve more with less stress and more reliability.

How we were born

Our Team

Why are so many SME’s joining us?

We built all our Apps & so truly integrated

Hence can customize quickly

Not some add on program trying to make it connect.

Cost Savings up to 30% of their overheads

58 Fee Apps & 17 paid

Free updates regularly

Free trial

Pricing is cheap – Service as a Software

Gives management total control over their entire business, using one dashboard

Operate from one simple platform for everything

Simple to use

White label so Branded to Client

Full integration

2000+ customizable documents in master library

Allows management to work on the office rather than in it – as they control exactly what their staff do.

Run their entire office processes in the cloud from contracts, purchase order & invoice, tasks/projects, roster and timesheet.

Not a middleman selling others


Give management total control

Efficiency driven software - world’s first efficiency meter that guides businesses to quickly achieve maximum efficiency

Consistency across our platform

Permission system based on staff names that suits any structure not some hierarchy that you have to remember

Simple software

Our apps are mapped out by function. Unlike most systems which are driven from a backend compliance.

Any problems in the business become very visible so can be fixed immediately.

Our apps enable on-time management – example, permissions can be reassigned immediately.

Our software is not after the event.

Why Invest?

Besides all our commercial advantages listed above, we own all our Apps and hence enjoy an expanded revenue stream per user. We have a foundation of 75 Apps already. Our running costs are low and all this translates to strong future growth.

There are many more growth drivers that enable

to achieve its growth and profitability ambitions. Client’s reluctance to use the cloud has dissipated, as security has developed rapidly in the past few years. Reliable & fast internet, and availability of SaaS products and services in the market, shows the rapidly growing strength for cloud based products. Increasing numbers of small medium businesses are shifting from traditional manual and in house systems to online cloud services and this is right where
is in the forefront of.

With your investment we will grow that much more quickly.

“My Investment in the Cloud”


With our increasing global presence,

is looking to further expand their operations to meet their increasing Client database. Though originally designed for the Australian population, clients across the globe have quickly embraced our services & have reaped the benefits We believe that there is more out there to conquer & we are looking for investors who would come along with us on this journey. If you are one of them, please register your interest to see how we could work together.

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