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"I have found a provider that doesn’t produce Apps, but connects me with many other Providers' apps from their shopping list. How are you different?"

We are cheaper.

We don’t charge by the minute. We charge a flat fee per user per month. Stayed logged on for as long as you like. We won’t disconnect you. We give you time.

We are not, a middle-man.

We wrote the software and are responsible for updating it. When you talk to us you are talking to the creator. There are dozens of Apps (functions) necessary to run a business. What they do is “partner” with all those providers to cover all those functions. They are a middleman who API, between the Apps, to try to get the data into the right place and talking to each other. Sometimes that is just not possible. We don’t sell real estate and try to put a square peg in round hole. We sell what we built.

We are about cost savings.

Where you have so many providers, you have to deal with a multiplicity of standards of management, backup, breakdown, serviceability and communication. This adds to your maintenance costs. Where you are using multiple platforms as well as a consequence it just add further to this complicated story.

We are about true integration.

The Apps from different providers have different code languages, different fonts, different look & feel, different branding, different quality of reporting and output, different scheduling and approval options. Your organization looks as a result like a dog’s breakfast of choices, with no consistency of branding and look and feel. People want integration and integration in their look and feel.

We are about giving management control in their existing structures.

The access of Apps to selected Users, by these Providers, is NOT controlled. Everyone gets everything. There is hence no mapping of staff process and distractions are increased and not decreased and so your ability to reduce costs is limited.

We are about efficiencies.

There is also the risk of a duplication of databases and crossover of functions in many of the Apps. Which ones should your staff use, and do you have manual process to prevent their incorrect use? Will they remember to use the right ones all the time?

We are about consistency.

Our apps are all built on one platform. There are so many Apps, that the potential number of interlocking connections is immense and hence, so is the risk of breakages. What happens if there is an upgrade (and there may be many) in a year? If changes are required, will you remember to identify all the sections of your Apps requiring change?

We are about helping business owners, stick to the knitting.

Customization is an issue. If you identify a change you require, or an improvement you want, will the App provider do it? If it requires changes to more than one App will they all agree to do it, and will it be in time? Your main provider cannot change it, as they don’t own the App. There is no middleman at

We use all our apps in our business.

Our apps where designed by experienced business owners and Public Accountants, who understand how to run businesses and save money. The Apps have been built to stand-alone and are structured to suit their own purpose. Those Providers who base their applications around a general ledger compliance system, are limiting your business operationally, in the front end.

Huge Advantage.

you have your own integrated ecosystem of apps, all written in the same code and all written to work off the Hub database to save any duplication and maximize savings and reduce management time and friction. You are master of your own destiny. You are flexible, and you can change and improve very quickly to your own needs with the
Customization Team.


, all the apps offered can be branded to make it look & feel like your business, because that’s just what it is.


If you need to buy and integrate individual Apps, or have existing systems, that can be done and any risk is minimized, as they are a smaller portion of your App suite. We won’t charge you a usage fee for Apps we don’t own.

We provide a permission system that suits any structure.

We don’t force any unnatural permission hierarchy on you. Through

, you control the user access to all your Apps and submenus; thereby you decide which functions (apps) and which processes in it, each of your staff should use.

We operate simple to use software, with minimum training required.

being a single platform, is able to provide complete support on the apps offered through your platform, like getting started, setups, technical queries, upgrades and resolving issues.