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& take control
  • Saves you more money than you thought possible – up to 50% of overheads

    Save up to 50% in overheads with our Hub platform and integrated Apps. The increase in profit, can be like you doubled sales. How do we know? Cause we’ve been doing it since 2010.

    Our apps are segmented by front end business function. Unlike most systems driven from backend accounting compliance. Our software is not after the event, it is part of it, while still allowing complaince at the end!

    platform reduce your staff task duplication, wasted effort & distraction & gives staff & management more time.

    is paperless & removes your upfront capital & infrastructure costs.

    Allows you to train your staff quicker.

    Is immediately scalable with no additional software development cost.

    Ready to go Right now – No time wasted to save you money!

  • Allows staff to focus on what they do best

    Allows you to complete a project, with a specific deadline, and avoid problems that may develop.

    Best matches the staff talent, that is those with specific skills, knowledge and abilities to be responsible for suitable parts of the business, allows for better quality of work and everyone can focus on what they do best.

    Once setup, then the activities are performed on autopilot. Repetitive activities in the business become routine, so you can focus on higher payoff activities.

  • Change is quicker & easier to accomplish

    makes running your business predictable, so when change impacts your business, which often occurs, then modifying your applications becomes easier.

    You know the current work process and can predict how change can be handled.

    Once you have a flow chart, or a written set of sequential tasks and procedures to follow, they become easier to monitor.

    Tasks are completed properly and efficiently, and changes can be more quickly addressed.

    Apps are mapped out by function enabling on-time management. Any problems in the business become very visible and can be fixed immediately.

  • Connects you with staff, clients, customers, suppliers, advisors, knowledge, businesses & much more…

    Access from your secure online dashboard, anywhere (work, home, holiday, domestic, overseas, land or sea), anytime (24/7/365).

    The cloud is accelerating businesses online and everyone is rapidly adding an online office. Be one of the first of your competition to adapt and get that First Mover Advantage.

    Hub to Hub technology is coming, where Small to Large Businesses can automate and reduce the cost of their transactions even more.

  • Consistency

    You can produce products and services with the same level of consistency.

    Once your business applications and processes have been setup, your staff follow the proper procedures consistently.

    You can monitor these processes and improve when necessary.

    Applications can be implemented for sales, marketing, operations, staff performance, training, and more.

    Everyone will know what to expect from your business and your customers, suppliers and referrers will appreciate that.

  • Free Trial… so why wait?

    Your Free Trial can start quickly . So, get Started and Start Saving.

  • Full & True Integration

    Your Hub platform & Apps are TRUELY integrated as they are written in the same code and are designed to complement each other and your staff’s experience.

    No data connecting issues as a result.

    It’s not a shopping list of Apps that you can source from any online store, with different look and feel, that create duplication, wasted effort, lack of teamwork and confusion. Far from it.

    Apps are the best, only truly fully integrated suite in the market, offered in one platform for immediate use.

    Because the software is seamless, it makes it so much easier for your staff to integrate as a team using

    No need to worry with us, about Apps built by different providers connecting.

    Your focus can move to the core things that drive sales & growth, clients and customers

  • Getting Started is simple


    What saves you so much money and future effort is that you select the right Apps and then allocate the permissions and Approval routines properly upfront. Anyone who suggests otherwise is just giving you a shopping list. You may as well go on I-tunes or an android store yourself.

    Our unique Hub Platform & fully integrated Apps empowers small to Large business management to quickly setup their offices online, to select in one convenient place, the functions (applications) & sub-menus (sub-functions) you want your staff to use. It’s all in the setup.

    Make changes and additions to staff functions in minutes.

    suggested solutions are available for ALL Business Types via our Search Engine.

    Designers available online for speciality advice and helping with permission selection.

  • Inducting & training and hence integrating new staff, becomes easier

    New hires can be quickly integrated into the business.

    New staff have a written set of procedures to follow and know exactly what is expected for proper work performance.

    Easier to gauge staff effectiveness when you have a measurable set of guidelines to review.

  • IT issues minimised
    • Backups taken care of
    • ITHelpdesk available
    • Maintenance and security of your Hub platform and Apps looked after
    • No upfront capital expense for equipment or infrastructure.
    • Online support & advice available from specialist teams.
    • Operate office from the device of your choice – tablet or smart phone.
    • Secure username & password access.
    • Setup managed
    • Unlimited storage, no hardware and software maintenance required
  • Makes your business Investor & Sale ready

    is an asset, that becomes part of the organizational infrastructure.

    If you are selling your business, this adds value as the buyer can see that:

    The operations will run smoothly & consistently.

    New hires can quickly be integrated.

    makes businesses grow, flow, endure, and sell. More resilient to business cycles.

    is foundational for franchises and nationwide stores to flourish and dominate every market they enter.

    This makes the purchase of such a business enticing and worth more money, because

    are tangible assets.

    Businesses that put good systems in place massively outperform their competition.

  • Operate from One Simple & Immediate Platform for everything

    Simplifies the way you do business. Management & staff need to go nowhere else.

    makes your business mobile, flexible, resilient and agile.

    Best tool for advisors to deploy their services, e.g. visiting CFO, auditors, HR.

    One stop location, for all the INTEGRATED Apps & tools to run your business, at the lowest cost.

    Hub platform with your comprehensive integrated Apps means Integrated Apps cover every business function. Add speciality apps and current systems as required. Quick to setup and change.

    It’s not a shopping list of Apps that you can source from any online store, with different look and feel that create duplication, wasted effort, lack of teamwork and confusion. Far from it.

    Apps are the best, only truly fully integrated suite in the market offered in one platform for immediate use.

  • Pricing is so… low

    The solutions we suggest for your type of business you can modify as you choose, with our designers available to help

    • You then only pay for what you choose.
    • You aren’t paying a middleman.
    • Our simple rates per User make it easy for you to monitor & budget your spending.
    • You can change your Apps & hence your pricing prospectively as you wish for each app. 
    • Again saving you more money !
    • The more users the bigger the discount
    • You can choose your frequency of payment.
    • There are no hidden extras in our Terms of Use.
  • Quick & Simple

    Same method across all Apps means a vastly reduced need for instruction manuals and training.

    Setup & implementation process.

    To change staff function

    Instant Scalability to meet growth.

    Introduce change to your business quickly.

    User friendly interface

  • Regular free updates

    All our Apps (functions) are updated for change in best practice.

    Providers who don’t own their own Apps can’t promise you that.

    Our community gives us many helpful ideas that we can immediately deploy with our members, simply because we built the software applications. Others can’t promise that either!

    Manual processes are being changed to online daily. Send us your ideas, we thrive on that.

    We are always innovating to automate your business. We quickly insert update our Apps or build new ones. Other providers can’t do that with Apps they haven’t built.

  • Our Startups & SME’s now compete with the Big End of Town & Larges with the even Bigger

    SME’s have always been quicker on their feet, but now they have the tools that large businesses have enjoyed (at massive upfront and ongoing cost), to compete at a lower cost, that don’t require big upfront capital, allowing them to maximise their advantage.

    ’s secure Hub office platform in the cloud with its comprehensive suite of integrated business apps, meets the multiple operational needs of all startups, small, medium and large enterprises, in one location.

    You can also choose any other third party apps that you wish.

    Extra Offices opened by just adding users.

    All software and applications to meet your business needs, satisfied in one place, anytime, anywhere, fully integrated.

  • Total Control over your entire business, using ONE Dashboard !

    Controls are built in and not a patched on after-thought.

    Your Hub dashboard contains the Apps, Approval routines & Business rules you select, accessed by permission-based logins.

    Permissions are simply based on people's names. Not some complicated hierarchy that you don’t use.

    Permissions can be reassigned immediately

    Anytime, change Apps, your approvers and even sub menus, amongst your individual staff, advisors, clients, customers, management and other users. This way you quickly map all your processes and business functions to control exactly what users including your staff do. For example, give your auditor access to your Superannuation & Pension Fund App, so he can do his work more cheaply from his office.

    This saves business time wasting and gives your management control and authority.

    Improvements or new Apps can be assigned to staff or staff changed between Apps (functions) within seconds.

    Staff & other users controlled in one location, the Hub Permissions section, rather than on the office or shop floor at multiple locations. All changeable with the click of a button.

    Hub dashboard for management to handle their responsibility. Their Hub has App buttons into each separate business Hub they manage. So, they can drop into each office anytime, with one click. Fantastic also for directors, who are on multiple boards and for business owners.

    So, from ONE dashboard you can manage multiple offices, locations, branches and businesses so that everyone works together more easily.

    gives management, more time, less stress to work on the office, rather than in it and grow the business.

  • We Listen & Customise to suit you

    Your Hub platform Fully branded with your logo & colour theme as standard.

    Your logo uploaded to 3,000+ documents in your Business Library as standard.

    Your individual needs can be customised into your Apps, simply because we developed them. Other providers can’t do that with Apps they haven’t built.

    Third party apps and your existing systems mapped to your applications.

    Will make recommendations for any identified shortcomings in your current systems.

    Whilst we have avoided the shortcomings of just reselling other providers’ core Apps and just linking in, we recognise you may require some specialty Apps. Our customisation team will ensure they are integrated to cover off any of your requirements. We don’t charge you for using an App we don’t own.

  • Benefits…
    • 3000+ customisable documents in the Master Library to run your business.
    • Allows management to work on the office, rather than in it – as they control exactly what their staff do. Run your entire office processes in the cloud from contracts, purchase orders & invoice, tasks/projects, roster & timesheet, reimbursement to leave, and many more.
    • Use as your ERP or intranet and/or share with external advisors.
    • Friendly support team to help you with ALL your needs & questions.
    • Makes SMEs more corporate and Larges more compliant.
    • Operate office from anywhere anytime.
    • Paperless and hence reduced costs.
    • Real-time access & management of your corporate documents.
    • Streamlines processes, creates uniformity, efficiencies, easily updated.
    • Train staff quicker.